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Dr. Dan Neundorf offers a wide range of workshops in Leadership, Team Optimization, Sales Management and Selling.

You Can Be More Influential…

You used to have plenty of access with customers. Since digital has become more of a norm, you aren’t getting the ‘yes’ responses for meetings with your customers. You are under pressure to deliver your sales results.

Competition is at an all time high. Your customers are being barraged with information from your competitors. They seem to be listening and you are having difficulty getting past objections in meetings.

You are trying to lead a cross functional team. All members report to leaders outside of your project. You need to have cross functional team members prioritize your project so that it is completed on time with excellence. You need influence without authority.

Your sales team is under pressure to deliver. The sales environment has been more difficult lately as customers aren’t as responsive to your team’s standard sales approach. Your selling model is still relevant, though it needs some extra firepower to give your sales team an advantage again.

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