Just-In-Time Training: 90 Minute Impact Training Workshops

Do you want training but find you do not have the time for half day or even a full day of training? Dr. Dan’s 90 Minute Impact Training Workshops are just-in-time training workshops designed and delivered for immediate skill application. There are many topics to choose from and are customized to your needs.

Here’s how it works:

1 - Pick a training topic

2 - Contact Dr. Dan for a link to a brief 3 question needs assessment

3 - Complete the needs assessment (5 minutes)

4 - Schedule your training with Dr. Dan

90 Minute Impact Training Workshops have the 3 parts:

Part 1: Learn the concept (30 minutes)

Part 2: Practice the concept (45 minutes)

Part 3: Action Plan (15 minutes)

All workshops come with materials that you will use during and after the workshop.

Here is a list of topics (check back often for new additions):

90 Minute Workshops


CS001 - Knowing Yourself: The Power of Self Awareness

CS002 - The Performance and Engagement Based Coaching Model

CS003 - How to Establish Trust and Respect

CS004 - How to Establish Rapport

CS005 - How to Mine for Strengths and Development Needs

CS006 - How to Listen to Understand

CS007 - How to Question Effectively

CS008 - How to Communicate Clearly and Impactfully

CS009 - How to Facilitate a Depth of Understanding

CS010 - How to Evaluate your Coaching Effectiveness


LS001 - Leading in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguous) Environment

LS002 - Leading in a Virtual Environment

LS003 - Experienced Employees / High Performers

LS004 - Leadership Pipeline Development

LS005 - Leadership Brand Development

LS006 - New Role Success

LS007 - Work-Life Alignment

LS008 - Personal Leadership

LS009 - Leadership Mindset

LS010 - Having Difficult Conversations

LS011 - Performance Coaching

LS012 - Uncovering Individual Strengths

LS013 - Uncovering Individual Development Areas

LS014 - Positive Mindset


OE001 - Getting Things Done Cross Functionally

OE002 - Best Practice Sharing

OE003 - Improvisation

OE004 - Creative Problem Solving

OE005 - Facilitating Virtual Meetings

OE006 - Core Business Insight

OE007 - Execution of Strategy and Projects

OE008 - Process Improvement

OE009 - Systematic Innovation

OE010 - Guiding Organizational Change

OE011- Personal Marketing

OE012 - Better Adboards

OE013 - Intrinsic Motivation

OE014- Agility

OE015 - Strategic Thinking

OE016 - Enterprise Thinking

OE017- Career Mission Clarity

OE018 - Career Progression

OE019 - Influence Without Authority

OE020- Influence at the Senior Level

OE021 - Impactful Communication

OE022 - Building and Enhancing Trust

OE023- Emotional Intelligence

OE024 - Decision Clarity

OE025 - Focused Creativity

OE026- Systems Thinking

OE027 - Relationship Advancement

OE028 - Conflict Management

OE029 - Negotiation Prowess


SS001 - Success with Challenging Customers

SS002 - Understanding Customer Value

SS003 - Delivering Customer Value

SS004 - Delivering Customer Happiness

SS005 - Sales Leadership

SS006 - Closing Sales

SS007 - Competitive Mindset

SS008 - Competitive Selling

SS009 - Competitive Immunity

SS010 - Pre-call Planning

SS011 - Determining Customer Needs

SS012 - Storytelling

SS013 - Building Rapport

SS014 - Virtually Getting Results with Customers

SS015 - Positive Mindset


MB001 - Using MBTI

MB002 - Using Type to Solve Conflicts

MB003 - Communication Strategies using Type

MB004 - Optimizing Leadership using Type

MB005 - Type and Managing Change

MB006 - Problem Solving and Decision Making using Type

MB007 - Increasing Creativity Using MBTI

MB008 - Working Remotely More Productively Using MBTI

MB009 - Increasing Emotional Intelligence Using the MBTI


VW001 - Managing Priorities in a Virtual Environment

VW002 - Staying Engaged in a Virtual Environment

VW003 - Leading Impactful Meetings in a Virtual Environment

VW004 - Becoming a Trusted Advisor in a Virtual Environment

VW005 - Getting Impactful Feedback in a Virtual Environment

VW006 - Making Effective Presentations in a Virtual Environment


TP001 - Leading Virtual Teams

TP002 - Team Optimization

TP003 - Team Charters

TP004 - Team Optimization: Focus on Sales Teams

TP005 - Team Optimization: Focus on Marketing Teams

TP006 - Team Optimization: Focus on Leadership Teams

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