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When you register we send you a free Learning Assessment to determine the best learning path for you

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Certificates Of Completion

When you complete an Impact Coaching Course, you receive a Certificate of Completion for your professional development plan

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Impact offers 2 programs for Entrepreneurs who either want to start their own Coaching Business or have established Coaching businesses.

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Meet Your Coach - Dr. Dan

Meet Your Coach - Dr. Dan

Over 30 years as a business coach and instructor
Taught leaders from around the globe to be more high performing
Author of 2 best selling books, hundreds of articles and numerous ebooks
Doctorate in Education, Masters in Business Administration, Accredited Executive Coach, Member of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
An extraordinary natural talent for connecting with people and drawing out their potential for personal growth and organizational contribution
Has crafted and led hundreds of consulting, coaching and training events across the world

Business Coach Courses

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Benefits of Learning With Us

Our focus is solely Continuing Education for Business Coaches. Each course has all the learning materials you need to prepare for your practice session with Dr. Dan. You will be practicing the skill specific to the course and you will be able to apply your learning immediately. Dr. Dan will offer you feedback to ensure you learn at your best. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for your professional development reporting.

Free Learning Assessment

A Customized Learning Program for you

Practice Coaching with Dr. Dan

Certificates of Completion

Continue to enhance your skills as a Business Coach

We offer over 70 and growing Continuing Education Courses for Business Coaches.

Each course comes with either a 30-minute/60-minute/3-meeting practice coaching session with Dr. Dan where you will practice coaching the skill. Once completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your professional development reporting.

The first step is to Register. Once registered, we will send you a Coaching Continuing Education Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to determine your educational needs. You will then receive your custom Learning Plan within 1 business day which is our recommendation for you.

You can choose to follow the Learning Plan or enrol in one course at a time. If you enrol in the Learning Plan, you will receive a one-time discount that is applied immediately.

Once you enrol you will receive your course materials and can book your meeting with Dr. Dan. Meetings with Dr. Dan are either by phone or video conferencing – you decide.

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